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  • Welcome Back to School
    It is an exciting summer term we are now into, with lots of trips and activities planned.
  • Half Term
    As school breaks up for half term I would like to wish you all a lovely holiday with your families. Let us hope this warm and sunny weather continues.
  • Year 6 visit Robin Wood
    Year 6 had a fantastic time at Robin Wood and the lovely sunshine also helped.
  • Year 2 - Medieval Day
    It was great to see the children all dressed up! The day was spent making jam and flags as well as enjoying medieval dancing and jousting tournaments.
  • Year 3 Family Worship - 'Fruits of the Spirit'
    Thank you for attending our Family Worship, it was great to see you joining in and taking part.
  • Years 5 and 6 Visit Eden Camp
    Children were exported back in time helping them to experience the sights, sounds and smells of wartime Britain.
  • Christian Aid Week
    The Rainbow friends have announced that Class 5 collected so many pennies they needed a second tub!! Thank you for your support.
  • Walk to School Week
    Children were encouraged to walk to school and a whole school assembly talked about healthy lifestyle changes. The sun was shining and a number of classes had outdoor lessons.
  • KS1 SAT Assessment Week
    KS1 worked very hard this week and we are proud of their efforts.
  • KS2 SATS Week
    KS2 have worked hard in their SATS and we are very proud of them! They were treated to a visit to Pizza Hut on Friday 12th May 2017.
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