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Working Together

Consultation with Children and Young People with SEND

Teachers/SENDCos and Support Staff will work with children and young people to identify the support needed to meet agreed outcomes.  The provision is planned and interventions are allocated to individual needs. The children take an active role with setting their targets, discussing them with the class teacher/SENDCo.  

The children have regular meetings with support staff to discuss their progress and to agree new targets. Our EHCP and Annual Reviews are arranged on the ‘child centred’ model. Pupils are also encouraged to make their own comments at these meetings and record them in a format suited to them. Written comments from friends may also be gathered and shared concerning qualities they admire in the pupil with the EHCP.


Consultation with Parents and Carers of Children and Young People with SEND

We are committed to working with parents and carers to identify their child’s needs and support.  Parents and carers are encouraged to take a very active role throughout the process.


Engagement with Parents and Carers

  • Class teachers meet with parents and carers three times a year at Parents' Evening, to discuss pupils’ progress.
  • Our school has an open door policy where parents/carers are able to discuss issues and concerns when they arise with the HT, SENDCO, teacher, HLTA or TA, providing it is convenient and doesn’t impinge on teaching commitments and other responsibilities.
  • Child centred ‘Annual Reviews’ are held with parents/carers of each child with an Education, Health and Care Plans each year. Detailed Review reports are written and circulated to Durham L.A., teachers, support staff and parents/carers. New outcomes for the next 12 months are identified and then put into practice.
  • In addition to Parents’ Evenings, termly SEN Reviews are held for children on the SEN Register, to review plans, monitor progress and set new outcomes for children with EHCPs and School Support Plans. Class teachers lead the reviews, inform parents of progress and work collaboratively with parents to create new plans.
  • At the termly review, parents of children with a School Support Plan may also add written comments. Parents are encouraged to be open about things that are work well/not so well at review meetings.
  • Parents are also asked to complete a Parents Questionnaire each year as part of our school review/self evaluation process and raise any issues of concern relating to their child's SEND provision.
  • Professional reports are shared with parents and carers during feedback meetings. 
  • Home visits by the SENDCo may take place where the parent/carer is incapacitated or their disability is such, that it is more convenient to hold the meetings in the comfort of their own home.


Reviewed: September 2021